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Employment Services

Bridgehaven has programming that provides individual and group skill building activities designed to improve the ability to interact and function in the community. Recovery is a process in which individuals with severe mental illness are encouraged to take control of their lives, set goals, take advantage of opportunities and return to living, learning, working and socializing activities of their choosing.

Bridgehaven utilizes Individual Placement and Support as the preferred model for supported Employment. Supported Employment is a service that assists individuals in finding and maintaining meaningful jobs in the community. The jobs are competitive (paying at least minimum wage) and are based on a member’s preferences and abilities. Meaningful employment promotes recovery and provides members with a sense of pride and belonging


Bridgehaven Supported Employment Facilitators provide businesses with recruitment assistance and retention.
Employment services are integrated with mental health treatment.
Supported Employment occurs in regular workplaces in the community.
Facilitator develops relationships with employers by learning about their business needs.
Every member is eligible for services, regardless of symptoms, substance use disorders, or other issues.
Facilitators assesses the employer’s needs and matches them with the talents and skills of the job seeker.
Supported Employment Services will be available for as long as a member requests them.